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11 Inspiring Curbless Shower Design Ideas

When you are designing a new home or planning a remodel, it is easy to get lost in all the ideas and inspiration available on websites like Houzz and Pinterest. You also have to keep in mind all the engineering and structural elements going on behind those pretty pictures. So we thought today we could make it a little easier on you. Here are 11 of our favorite curbless shower designs from Pinterest that can easily be created using the VIM Level Entry Shower System™.

1. A minimalist spa-inspired curbless shower

This monochromatic color scheme and spacious design make for a luxurious yet minimalist showering experience. We love the use of multiple tile shapes cut from the same materials. Small tile is recommended in the shower area to retain the slope of the shower pan as well as give you better traction, reducing slips in the shower area.


2. Luxurious design details

The shower layout here is great, and definitely achievable with the Level Entry Shower System. But it’s the details like the golden, cloth shower curtain and vintage chandelier that standout. Consider your curbless shower to be a blank canvas on which to design your dream bathroom. Consider adding plants to your bathroom to help freshen up your space.


3. A modern shower with historic influences

This gem of a shower can be found in a replica of Thomas Jefferson’s famous estate, Monticello. This homage to an architectural masterpiece was not without modern amenities such as this curbless shower created with the VIM Level Entry Shower System.


4. A little retro, a little modern…

This remodel features some fun tile and contemporary chrome fixtures, while retaining the vintage character of the space. While this is not a VIM shower itself, the Level Entry Shower System would be a good choice for remodeling older spaces since it actually can help reinforce the structural elements of your shower floor.


5. Farmhouse style upgrade

Bold, patterned tile paired with weathered wood and dark, industrial inspired fixtures, make for a modern farmhouse inspired bathroom. A curbless shower in this case allows the pattern of the tile to flow uninterrupted through the whole bathroom.


6. Contemporary minimalism

Black and white bathrooms have become a popular trend in contemporary interior design. The use of hex tile and subway tile adds texture and movement to the space without introducing additional shades or colors.


7. A pop of color

Want to go bold with your shower design? Consider a tile accent wall like shown here. A curbless shower with frameless glass allows you to showcase an accent wall and bring a splash of color to your bathroom.


8. Tuscan style in your shower

This warm and inviting space shows just how to include accessibility accessories while still maintaining a luxurious, traditional style.


9. Gray & White, done right.

There is no question that gray and white are especially popular right now in bathroom design. So stand out from the crowd with a unique finish for your fixtures like the pewter finish seen here.


10. Make a statement with bold colors & tile.

When just an accent wall isn’t enough, go big! These gorgeous iridescent mosaic tiles are bound to bring out your inner mermaid!


11.A fresh oasis to start your day right.

Scandinavian inspired design, mid-century modern flair, and a whole lot of fresh air and natural light to wake up and feel refreshed!

We hope these curbless showers have been inspirational and have you thinking about how to incorporate a Level Entry Shower System into your next new home or remodeling project!

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Changing Lives with Accessible Bath Remodels – Sunshine on a Ranney Day

VIM Products Level Entry Shower System™ Accessible Bath Remodels by Sunshine on a Ranney Day - Atlanta Charity providing accessibility remodels to children with special needs.

Sunshine on a Ranney Day or SOARD is an Atlanta-based charity providing no-cost home remodels for families of children with special needs. They specialize in accessible bath remodels, dream bedrooms, and in-home therapy spaces. VIM Products is proud that the SOARD team chose the Level Entry Shower System™ to create accessible, barrier-free showers in these life-changing home makeovers. 

Sunshine on a Ranney Day was created by Peter and Holly Ranney in 2012. Peter, a general contractor, and Holly, a designer and former buyer for Rooms To Go Kids, set out to use their time, talents, and professional network within the design and construction industry to make a difference for these kids. Over the past 6 years, they have completed over 75 home makeovers for the families of children with special needs. In addition to their home makeovers, each year they take on a special non-residence project to benefit families throughout the community, such as summer camps, counseling centers, and children’s hospitals. 

The SOARD 2017 Highlight video features a few lucky kids getting to see their new spaces for the first time! Also featured are several of the gorgeous Level Entry Showers created by the SOARD team using the VIM Products system. An accessible home is key to the care of children with special needs. These remodels make it possible for families to remain in their homes while also providing their children with the care they need. With each remodel, the team at SOARD considers the needs and personalities of the kids to develop a design that will allow them and their families to live their fullest, happiest lives.

“The VIM systems are the crown jewel of our makeovers.  They have changed the lives of so many families, and they are literally moved to tears when they see them for the first time! ” – Stephanie Baldwin of Sunshine on a Ranney Day


SOARD Highlights 2017 from Sunshine on a Ranney Day on Vimeo.

These accessible bath remodels can cost upwards of $30,000 to demo, redesign, and build anew with curbless showers and ADA approved fixtures and vanities. Their bedroom and in-home therapy rooms can cost anywhere from $10,000-$30,000 to complete. Through the help of donors and the generosity of suppliers and contractors, they are able to provide these remodels at no cost to the families. 

“We have witnessed so many parents struggle to lift their children into a tub to bathe them.  Having a zero curb shower where a child can roll right in is life changing for the child and caretaker. To see them gain independence is priceless.” – Holly Ranney, Founder of SOARD

Please consider donating to support this wonderful charity so they may continue to provide these life changing remodels for even more children and families. A donation $100 sponsors grab bars and a donation of $500 sponsors a whole Level Entry Shower System! Any amount makes a difference in the lives of these kids and their families. We hope you consider giving even a small amount to support Sunshine on a Ranney Day.


Check out the Level Entry Shower System™ in these Sunshine on a Ranney Day home makeovers!

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Create a Barrier Free Shower WITHOUT Notching the Joists

For years, if you wanted a barrier free shower the only options were to either ramp up into the shower or significantly recess the floor by notching or cutting into the joists 2″ to 3”. The latter method is controversial and frowned upon by structural engineers. Cutting floor supports can cause excessive floor deflection, tile cracking and costly structural damage to your home. Is it worth the gamble?

The Better Barrier Free Shower Solution

The VIM Level Entry Shower System was developed as a solution to this problem. Now you can create a true barrier free shower without having to cut floor supports or ramp the tile into the shower. We achieved this by designing a thinner, stronger, pre-sloped shower pan that’s easy to install and doesn’t affect the structural stability of your home.

Our pan is created from a rigid, ABS plastic that resists deflection and compression unlike other pans created with expanded polystyrene (EPS). At only 7/8″ thick, we’ve eliminated the practice of cutting the floor supports. These images demonstrate how our system is installed.

Once the recessed area framing is complete, the VIM pan is installed in the recessed area. You can see in the cutaway drawing that the VIM pan will sit a mere 1/8″ above the top of the ¾” subfloor. The transition slope between the pan and the ¼” backer board is then filled with a quick drying, non-shrinking patch material.

VIM Products Inc Level Entry Shower System Gallery Curbless Universal Design, Cut Away Installation Detail. 919-277-0267

This method allows you to maintain the proper slope of 1/4″ per foot towards the drain. Your framing supports are kept intact and are even strengthened by the blocking process. The rigid, compression resistant design of the pan also increases the load-bearing capacity of the floor system.

The VIM Level Entry Shower System™ not only removes the potential for structural failure caused by cutting and notching, it also provides a superior waterproofing process. We’re so confident that our system is the best choice for creating your curbless, barrier free shower, that we back it with a full 10 year system warranty.

Want to create a Curbless, Barrier Free Shower? Check out the Level Entry Shower System™ today!

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Home for the Holidays – an Aging-in-Place Checklist

It’s almost Thanksgiving when many families will travel to visit their parents and grandparents. These visits, often to our childhood homes, are fun and memorable, but they can also offer a glimpse into the lives of our aging relatives. Is your childhood home safe and accessible for an aging parent?

85% of people over 65 say they would prefer to stay in their home, rather than relocate to a smaller home or an assisted living or nursing community. If your family members feel this way, it is important to assess whether any changes or adaptations will be required to make their home safe for them to live independently in.

So while you spend time with your loved ones this holiday season, use this checklist to evaluate the safety and accessibility of your parent or grandparent’s home.

Stairways & Multi-level Homes

Does your loved one live in a multi-story home? Stairs increase the chances of falling and are difficult to navigate as you get older. And what about if your parents need to use a walker or wheelchair? Ideally you want everything they need to be on one level. This includes the kitchen, their bedroom & an accessible full bath.

Lighting & Windows

Is the home well lit? Are light switches easy to reach at all entrances to the rooms? Remember that your loved one may be have a hard time seeing in low light. If there is no overhead light in a room, an easy solution would be to set up a switch to operate any lamps that can be turned on from the entrance to the room. Do not overlook lighting in places like pantries, stairways, garages, and closets either. You also want plenty of windows that are easy to operate but also lock for safety. Consider adding nightlights where possible as well.

Non-Slip Flooring

Pay close attention to any tile and hardwood floors to make sure they are not slippery, both wet and dry. Secure or remove area rugs to reduce the chance your loved one may trip over them.

Layout and Hallways

Think about the open spaces in your loved one’s home. Are the hallways wide enough for a wheelchair? Do the rooms have enough room to maneuver through with a wheelchair or walker (a 60″ diameter space is considered suitable)? How is the flow of traffic through the home? Consider rearranging furniture to open the space up and remove tripping hazards and shorten travel distances.

Grab Bars and Railings

Installing grab bars in the bath by the toilet and shower and railings on any stairways should be a priority to help prevent falls. Grab Bars provide support and stability and will allow your loved one to maintain their independence and privacy.

VIM Products Inc Level Entry Shower System Gallery Curbless Universal Design, Photo Courtesy of Thayer Custom Homes. 919-277-0267
Photo Courtesy of Thayer Custom Homes

Level Entry Shower

Many bathroom falls occur when a person is stepping in or out of the shower or tub. Stepping over the barrier, whether that be a tub wall or curb, can compromise their balance, and in those situations, even a grab bar may not be enough to keep them from falling. The safest option is to remove the curb or tub entirely.

We recommend a level entry shower with 4-way slope to a center drain as it provides optimal stability for bathers, particularly if they use a wheel chair or other other mobility aids. A person’s ability to bathe independently is crucial to their physical health and emotional well-being. Accessible showering and bathing options can improve the quality of life and health your aging-in-place relative.

Care & Maintenance of the Home

One of the most overlooked aspects of aging-in-place is the day to day maintenance of the home. Evaluate details such as yard care, access to electrical breakers, plumbing, cleaning & dusting, taking out the garbage, pet care, laundry, etc… If your loved one is struggling with any of these areas, you may need to consider hiring regular help with housekeeping and home maintenance.

Support & Community Amenities

Is your loved one’s community conducive to their aging-in-place? Consider things like distance and ease of access to doctors/hospitals, grocery stores, and transportation. Don’t forget entertainment and fellowship either! Do you know their neighbors? Exchange phone numbers and introduce yourselves and your loved one (if they haven’t already met). Having someone next door or across the street who can keep an eye out for your loved one is a great idea!

Aging-in-Place Remodels – Where to begin?

How did your parent’s or grandparent’s home perform as you went through this checklist? Do you have some changes to make? Aging-in-place renovations can feel overwhelming. Remodels do take time and investment, but the best thing to do is handle it before it is an urgent problem. The costliest renovations are the ones you have to do in a hurry.

A good place to start is the bathroom. The majority of senior falls happen in the bathroom or on stairs. The Level Entry Shower System™ creates accessible, curbless shower floors and can be used in bathrooms of all sizes. Accessorize with shower seats and stability accessories such as grab bars, soap dishes, towel bars, etc… Best of all, it can be installed without changing the structural design of your home, making it the perfect choice for remodels and retrofits.

Planning an aging-in-place remodel? Check out the Level Entry Shower System™ today!

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Ditching the Whirlpool Tub for a Curbless Shower

One of the most popular remodels we see with the Level Entry Shower System is to remove a large whirlpool tub and  increase the footprint of the shower. This homeowner removed a linen closet, tub, and a fiberglass shower alcove, but gained a large level entry shower and a new laundry area.  Many homeowners find that they do not use their garden tubs and whirlpool tubs enough to warrant the space they take or the maintenance and cleaning required. In this case it makes sense to remove the tub and replace it with a large, curbless shower.

Peter S. did the majority of the work on this remodel himself with the guidance of our Installation Video. When he was researching curbless shower systems, the VIM Level Entry Shower System was the only code-approved level entry flooring system he could find.  He appreciated the quality of the materials supplied in the VIM Level Entry Shower 60 x 48 Kit as well as our design and installation resources. Peter and his wife are both extremely happy with their new level entry shower!

This remodel is a good example of how you can transform a traditional shower alcove into an open-concept, curbless shower. We like how they utilized half walls and glass to manage water without needing a curtain or door. The wall niches and shelves are another nice touch to add functionality and organization to the shower.

Are you interested in remodeling your bath to include a level entry shower, but not sure how to design your space? Get in touch and we would be happy to give you some guidance on the layout of your new bathroom!

The tile for this project was installed by Garrett Tile of Crossville, TN.

Products used in this Project

The Strainer Grate seen above is the Grid Design in Brushed Stainless.

Want us to feature your projects created with the VIM Level Entry Shower System? Submit your project today!

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Preventing Mold and Mildew in your Shower

Mold and Mildew thrive in warm, wet spaces like bathrooms with the most common place being in the shower. Mildew is a surface fungus that is easily identified as a patch of gray or even white fungus. It forms on the surface of moist areas and is easily cleaned using everyday cleaning solutions. Mold on the other hand, is usually black or green and is often the result of a much larger problem.

Preventing Mold and Mildew in your Shower | The VIM Products Blog & the Level Entry Shower System™ | Learn how the Level Entry Shower System can protect your shower against mold and mildew!
Mold damage as seen in the shower and below where the mold permeated through the shower and was rotting the wood beams.

Shower Construction Failures

Traditional tile showers, when installed properly, are constructed by first pre-sloping the sub floor area towards the shower drain. A waterproofing membrane is installed and clamped into a drain assembly to seal the two parts together. A “mud-bed” made of finely graded sand and cement is installed on top of the waterproofing membrane to form a sloped base for the tile is be installed on. Tile is then installed using thin set to adhere it to the top of the mud bed.Once the tile has time to set up, the shower is finally ready to be grouted.

Mud beds are created using a porous material that is designed to allow water to seep through it. If working correctly, any water that penetrates through the tile should pass through the mud bed and eventually make it back to the drain where it can evacuate through a series of weep holes in the drain’s clamping flange.

Here’s the problem. Many showers are constructed without pre-sloping under the waterproofing membrane, so water sits rather than being diverted to the drain. Even if water makes it to the drain, improper installation techniques and clogged weep holes often render this method useless causing the mud bed to act like a big sponge that never dries out.

Mold in the Mud-Bed

When the mud-bed in your shower is not able to drain, mold can develop behind your tile & grout. No amount of surface cleaning can get rid of mold once it has taken hold within the mud-bed. You will have to consistently clean your tile and grout to keep the surface mold at bay.

The VIM Level Entry Shower System™

The VIM Level Entry Shower System utilizes a pre-sloped pan and topical waterproofing membrane that replaces the traditional mud-bed method in a shower. Tile is applied directly to the waterproofing membrane so any water that penetrates the tile is immediately directed towards the drain. The unique design of our clamping flange ensures that the weep holes will remain open allowing the water to seep back into the drainage system. This insures that the shower will dry completely so mold has no place to thrive.

If you are tired of fighting a never-ending battle against mold and mildew, it might be time to consider a more effective and long-term solution. The VIM Level Entry Shower System, gives you a beautiful, durable, easy-to-clean, curbless shower that is resistant to mold and mildew.

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Stylish, Accessible Master Bath Remodel in Greenville, NC

Stylish Accessible Master Bath Remodel in Greenville, NC featuring the VIM Level Entry Shower System -

An accessible master bath that does not sacrifice style!

This accessible master bath was dramatically redesigned to increase safety and accessibility for a family member with a prosthetic leg. The result was both gorgeous and practical.  The Level Entry Shower System was a perfect fit for their needs. The family wanted to reduce slipping and tripping hazards in their shower. Addding grab bars and improving the accessibility of the tub were also key improvements they wanted to make.

They had some spatial constraints as well. They were unable to move the location of the shower, or increase its size by much.  The flexibility of the VIM Level Entry Shower System allowed them to create a true curbless shower in a relatively small alcove space. Their tub was also customized with grab bars and under-mounted in Quartzite. This made it easier to sit comfortably on the edge of the tub allowing for easier entrance and exit from the tub.

The design elements were also very important to the family. Even their daughter got involved in the selection of fixtures, finishes, and colors! Their interior designer, Nancy Bolen of Salem, NC brought their whole vision together seamlessly! Their plumbing fixtures were supplied by Splash Galleries in Raleigh, NC.

What we love about this accessible master bath remodel is that through quality design and carefully selected materials and fixtures, they created a safer bathing space for their family that is also a stylish highlight of their home’s design!

This project features the 60 x 48 VIM Level Entry Shower System Kit & the Folding Shower Seat.

Here are all the talented professionals and products that made this remodel possible:

Contractor:  C. A. Corey Construction LLC   | Designer: Nancy Bolen Interior Designs | Tub & Plumbing Fixtures, & Accesssories: Splash Galleries | Lighting: Slide Bath Vanity Light – LightologySoho dweLed Wall Sconce – Ylighting |Counters: Quartzite from Francini Inc. | Floor Tile – Energie Ker 6″x 24″ in Chalk | Shower Tile – Byrd Tile, Flat Pebble in Figi Cream | Wall Tile – American Olean Tile 4″x 8″ in Matte Designer White

Photos Courtesy of Charlene Peden.

Want us to feature your projects created with the VIM Level Entry Shower System? Submit your project today!

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High Tech Level Entry Shower with a Modern Design

VIM Products Inc - Level Entry Shower System | Featured Shower - High Tech Level Entry Shower with Modern Design featuring the Kohler DTV Prompt. Photo courtesy of Roy Simpson

For our very first Featured Shower, we wanted to share this incredible shower designed and built by a homeowner using the Level Entry Shower System™. All the work with the exception of the glass doors was conducted by the homeowner. The glass doors were supplied and installed by Kenny Berry Shower Doors. We asked the homeowner to share a little about his shower and his experience working with the Level Entry Shower System.

Tell us about your project!

“We replaced a very standard shower pan, Corian wall and sliding door home-builder installation. The project required the removal of all materials including removal of the floor to allow the new VIM floor pan and new tile floor and walls. We also opted for new Kohler electric shower and wand controls to modernize the installation and create added interest.  The demolition and installation work was accomplished by the homeowner with the sole exception of the new glass doors.”

Why did you choose the VIM Level Entry Shower System for your project?

“Much research was conducted in discovering the available shower pans that would allow us to modify our shower to attain a level entry shower with proper sloped drainage. We found 6 sloped floor pans in the marketplace.  Since our home was built on a concrete slab, 3 of the choices were discarded as they where in excess of 1.5″ thick at the edge requiring unacceptable demolition and remaining slab strength to accomplish our goal.  Of the 3 remaining products that had a 7/8″ edge thickness, the VIM Products Level Entry Shower System offered what we felt was the best product with excellent demonstrations of installation for both wood sub-floors and our concrete slab installation. The drain assembly offered by VIM was considered superior to most of the other offerings. Pricing was also competitive. “

Our Favorite Details

The Kohler DTV Prompt Shower Control System is a fantastic feature, adding safety, accessibility and luxury to your showering experience. The digital thermostatic valve accurately control water temperature and includes water-saving features such as a pause button, warm-up mode, and a countdown feature to limit overall water consumption. 

Small details like the placement of the shampoo niche, a corner foot rest, and the fold up shower seat make great use of the space without cutting too far into the overall footprint of the shower. The french style glass shower doors allow easy access if a resident requires wheelchair access.

Finally, we love the placement of their handheld shower wand. By placing this fixture close to the seat, but at mid-height, it is easily reached when sitting or standing. This is a great feature to include if you are trying to improve the accessibility of your shower.

Want us to feature your Level Entry Shower System™ projects? Homeowners, Builders, Designers, or Suppliers are welcome to submit photos and details on the Project Submissions page!

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Our blog is launching soon- Here’s how to be featured!

The VIM Products Blog will be launching soon and we want to share your projects and articles! If you are interested in writing an article or guest post, please send your pitch to

We are looking for projects constructed using the Level Entry Shower System to feature on our website, blog, and social media. If you are interested in sharing your projects please fill out this form. We request that photos are of finished projects, a minimum of 1000 pixels wide, not blurry,  free of personal items or construction debris.  If you need further assistance, please email Please only submit photos that you have the publishing rights for. If a professional photographer shot the images, please provide their contact information below as well.

We will be featuring your Level Entry Showers on our blog, so make sure to tell us any interesting details about the project or any challenges that the Level Entry Shower System helped you to overcome! When we publish your project on the blog, we will link back to your own business, and any other designers or contractors you include in the form. We will also share the projects on our social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Houzz.

We look forward to seeing all of your beautiful work!

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VIM Products Inc Level Entry Shower System Gallery Curbless Universal Design, Photo Courtesy of Peden Family. 919-277-0267
Photo Courtesy of Peden Family, who recently redesigned their master bath using the VIM Level Entry Shower System to accommodate a family member with a disability.