Changing Lives with Accessible Bath Remodels – Sunshine on a Ranney Day

Sunshine on a Ranney Day or SOARD is an Atlanta-based charity providing no-cost home remodels for families of children with special needs. They specialize in accessible bath remodels, dream bedrooms, and in-home therapy spaces. VIM Products is proud that the SOARD team chose the Level Entry Shower System™ to create accessible, barrier-free showers in these life-changing home makeovers.

Sunshine on a Ranney Day was created by Peter and Holly Ranney in 2012. Peter, a general contractor, and Holly, a designer and former buyer for Rooms To Go Kids, set out to use their time, talents, and professional network within the design and construction industry to make a difference for these kids. Over the past 6 years, they have completed over 75 home makeovers for the families of children with special needs. In addition to their home makeovers, each year they take on a special non-residence project to benefit families throughout the community, such as summer camps, counseling centers, and children’s hospitals.

The SOARD 2017 Highlight video features a few lucky kids getting to see their new spaces for the first time! Also featured are several of the gorgeous Level Entry Showers created by the SOARD team using the VIM Products system. An accessible home is key to the care of children with special needs. These remodels make it possible for families to remain in their homes while also providing their children with the care they need. With each remodel, the team at SOARD considers the needs and personalities of the kids to develop a design that will allow them and their families to live their fullest, happiest lives.

“The VIM systems are the crown jewel of our makeovers.  They have changed the lives of so many families, and they are literally moved to tears when they see them for the first time! ” – Stephanie Baldwin of Sunshine on a Ranney Day

SOARD Highlights 2017 from Sunshine on a Ranney Day on Vimeo.

These accessible bath remodels can cost upwards of $30,000 to demo, redesign, and build anew with curbless showers and ADA approved fixtures and vanities. Their bedroom and in-home therapy rooms can cost anywhere from $10,000-$30,000 to complete. Through the help of donors and the generosity of suppliers and contractors, they are able to provide these remodels at no cost to the families.

“We have witnessed so many parents struggle to lift their children into a tub to bathe them.  Having a zero curb shower where a child can roll right in is life changing for the child and caretaker. To see them gain independence is priceless.” – Holly Ranney, Founder of SOARD

Please consider donating to support this wonderful charity so they may continue to provide these life changing remodels for even more children and families. A donation of $100 sponsors grab bars and a donation of $500 sponsors a whole Level Entry Shower System! Any amount makes a difference in the lives of these kids and their families. We hope you consider giving even a small amount to support Sunshine on a Ranney Day.


Check out the Level Entry Shower System™ in these Sunshine on a Ranney Day home makeover photos!

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