Simplify your Curbless Shower Installation

The VIM Level Entry Shower System™ requires no re-engineering or compromise to the structural floor.

Other curbless shower systems required lowering the floor by cutting into the floor supports or by ramping-up into the shower. Frustrated with the installation methods and quality of the other curbless systems available, we created a system which could be easily used in a variety of applications.

As a builder or tile professional, you want a system that gets the job done efficiently and consistently produces great work. The installation method used in the Level Entry Shower System is the culmination of rigorous testing over a 5 year period by plumbing and tile contractors. This collaboration between the trades is reflected in the design and installation of the Level Entry Shower System. The result is a simple, reliable, adaptable system designed by contractors, for contractors.

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About the Level Entry Shower System

Cut-away diagram of Level Entry Shower System™ curbless shower installation process from VIM Products, Inc.

Our Shower Pan

The key to the Level Entry Shower System is its 7/8″ thick engineered shower pan that permits installation without having to notch or cut into the structural floor or joists. The shower pan is pre-sloped to ensure a proper 1/4″ per foot slope to the drain throughout the shower or wet area. The 60″ x 48″ pan may be cut down for smaller showers or the 14″ x 14″ pan may be used. For larger showers, approved patch compounds can be used to fill in spaces between the pan and the wall or threshold, extending the pitch of the wet area as far as needed. The shower pan is created from durable, compression resistant, recycled ABS plastic that can be cut using a skill saw if necessary.

Superior Waterproofing

The VIM waterproofing process exceeds industry standards. The paintable liquid rubber membrane (meets ANSII 18.10 standards) is applied with an embedded Anti-Fracture Fabric which is then clamped into the system drain. The result is a resilient waterproofing membrane that protects against expansion and contraction. Additionally, weep holes in the drain assembly allow water which has penetrated the tile to drain out, preventing water damage, mold and mildew under your tile.

Floor Systems

Existing Wood Floor Systems

The thin profile of the engineered shower pan is positioned on top of the joists. Structural floor supports, traditional joists, TGI’s, or engineered truss systems do not have to be cut or altered.

Existing Concrete Floors

The thin shower pan only requires that a shallow 1-1/4″ recess be cut into the slab. The tray can also be placed on top of the existing slab, in which case the floor would be “floated” approximately 1-1/4″ above the slab.

New Construction

For wood floors, the required 3/4″ recess can be created by the framer. For poured concrete floors, a 7/8″ – 1-1/4″ recess can be templated and formed into the concrete.

Cut-away diagram of Level Entry Shower System™ curbless shower installation process from VIM Products, Inc.

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