Our Mission

VIM Products, Inc. provides contractors, designers, accessibility specialists, and homeowners with a versatile curbless shower solution. Our Level Entry Shower System™ creates beautiful, spa inspired showers with our easy-to-install kit. What sets VIM Products and the Level Entry Shower System™ apart from the competition is the quality of our materials and our installation method.

The heart and soul of VIM Products, Inc. is ingenuity and creative problem solving. Gary Phillips, a master plumber, and Steve Grube, expert tile contractor, collaborated to develop the Level Entry Shower System™. They were unsatisfied with the other curbless shower products on the market. Their goal was to meet the unique needs of both trades. The other curbless shower systems required lowering the floor by cutting into the floor supports or by ramping-up into the shower. Gary and Steve were frustrated with the quality of the other systems available and wanted to create a system which could be easily used in a variety of applications and that they could stand behind as masters in their trades. Good enough was simply not going to work for them!

At VIM Products, we are problem solvers, innovators, and designers. Our ongoing mission is to keep raising the bar, providing a best-in-field product, and set the new standard in universal, spa inspired shower design.

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VIM Products Inc Level Entry Shower System Gallery Curbless Universal Design, Photo Courtesy of Thayer Custom Homes. www.vimproducts.com 919-277-0267
Photo Courtesy of Thayer Custom Homes