11 Inspiring Curbless Shower Design Ideas

When you are designing a new home or planning a remodel, it is easy to get lost in all the ideas and inspiration available on websites like Houzz and Pinterest. You also have to keep in mind all the engineering and structural elements going on behind those pretty pictures. So we thought today we could make it a little easier on you. Here are 11 of our favorite curbless shower designs from Pinterest that can easily be created using the VIM Level Entry Shower System™.

1. A minimalist spa-inspired curbless shower

This monochromatic color scheme and spacious design make for a luxurious yet minimalist showering experience. We love the use of multiple tile shapes cut from the same materials. Small tile is recommended in the shower area to retain the slope of the shower pan as well as give you better traction, reducing slips in the shower area.


2. Luxurious design details

The shower layout here is great, and definitely achievable with the Level Entry Shower System. But it’s the details like the golden, cloth shower curtain and vintage chandelier that standout. Consider your curbless shower to be a blank canvas on which to design your dream bathroom. Consider adding plants to your bathroom to help freshen up your space.


3. A modern shower with historic influences

This gem of a shower can be found in a replica of Thomas Jefferson’s famous estate, Monticello. This homage to an architectural masterpiece was not without modern amenities such as this curbless shower created with the VIM Level Entry Shower System.


4. A little retro, a little modern…

This remodel features some fun tile and contemporary chrome fixtures, while retaining the vintage character of the space. While this is not a VIM shower itself, the Level Entry Shower System would be a good choice for remodeling older spaces since it actually can help reinforce the structural elements of your shower floor.


5. Farmhouse style upgrade

Bold, patterned tile paired with weathered wood and dark, industrial inspired fixtures, make for a modern farmhouse inspired bathroom. A curbless shower in this case allows the pattern of the tile to flow uninterrupted through the whole bathroom.


6. Contemporary minimalism

Black and white bathrooms have become a popular trend in contemporary interior design. The use of hex tile and subway tile adds texture and movement to the space without introducing additional shades or colors.


7. A pop of color

Want to go bold with your shower design? Consider a tile accent wall like shown here. A curbless shower with frameless glass allows you to showcase an accent wall and bring a splash of color to your bathroom.


8. Tuscan style in your shower

This warm and inviting space shows just how to include accessibility accessories while still maintaining a luxurious, traditional style.


9. Gray & White, done right.

There is no question that gray and white are especially popular right now in bathroom design. So stand out from the crowd with a unique finish for your fixtures like the pewter finish seen here.


10. Make a statement with bold colors & tile.

When just an accent wall isn’t enough, go big! These gorgeous iridescent mosaic tiles are bound to bring out your inner mermaid!


11.A fresh oasis to start your day right.

Scandinavian inspired design, mid-century modern flair, and a whole lot of fresh air and natural light to wake up and feel refreshed!


We hope these curbless showers have been inspirational and have you thinking about how to incorporate a Level Entry Shower System into your next new home or remodeling project!

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