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The patented VIM Level Entry Shower System™ comes with a 7/8″ thick shower pan that enables Curbless Shower construction without installers having to cut, notch, or lower the structural supports beneath the shower.

Shower Pan

Our compression-resistant pan is constructed from recycled ABS plastic and is pre-sloped at 1/4″ per foot to a center drain location.



The liquid waterproofing supplied with our shower system is applied in conjunction with our isolation fabric to create a high-quality, anti-fracture membrane that will give years of trouble-free showering.


Our drain system was engineered with a series of weep holes to allow any water that penetrates the shower floor tile to quickly drain back into the waste system. This small but effective feature greatly diminishes the opportunity for mold and mildew to form under your tile.


Code Approved.

We may not have been the first code approved shower system, but the VIM Level Entry Shower System was the first code approved shower system for creating curbless showers. View our Code Approval document to learn more.



10 Year Warranty.

We’re so confident in our shower system that we back it with an industry leading 10 yr limited warranty. We invite you to take a look for yourself. VIM Products Limited Warranty.


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Select your shower pan size below (either 60″ x 48″ or 14″ x 14″). 



About our pan sizes:

  • Our 60″ x 48″ shower pan can be field-cut to virtually any size or shape desired, and can be extended to fit larger showers using quick dry patch material.
  • Our 14″ x 14″ shower pan is typically reserved for mud rooms and smaller wet areas.

Installing the VIM Zero Entry Shower System



Best product on the market.

Bill Brugh 

Integrity Maintenance & More 

I have done about 10 showers using the VIM system… The VIM system is very user friendly, it’s extremely well designed, and it works perfectly… I would highly recommend the VIM system to anyone.

John Parent

Owner, Creative Remodeling, Hudson, MA 


The center drain shower design provides better balance in a wet bathing space than a one-way, continuously pitched shower floor. A shower chair will naturally orient itself in the center of the shower if there are four shorter pitched plains sloped to the middle. For my clients and patients, I specify and recommend level entry, center drain showers.

Cindi Petito 

OTR/L, ATP,CAPS, Founder, CHAS Group 



This was our first install project we’ve ever done, but it went great! The VIM system was easy to install…The waterproofing layers & mesh were easy to apply… We loved the final result!

Kristi W. 

Homeowner from GA 


[VIM Products] provides outstanding customer support with design and instructions.

Peter S. 

Homeowner from TN 


The L.E.S. Kit is the only shower pan that offers: full versatility…simple/straight forward installation…a true barrier free shower solution (without cutting/notching joists, or building up the entire floor), and a “ship to your door” price that is unmatched for the typical local contractor. 


We love the way it turned out and it was fun working on it.

Goran S. 

Homeowner from CA 


Level entry showers are a great long term investment in your home, allowing you to remain in your home as you age!

Jean Ehmke 

Owner, JeanE Kitchen & Bath Design