The Level Entry Shower System

Create spa-inspired, curbless showers in your home with the VIM Level Entry Shower System.™ Trusted by builders, tile contractors, plumbers, and home-care specialists for its versatile design and quality materials. Developed through collaboration and rigorous testing by a Plumber and a Tile Designer, we have created an easy-to-install, robust, zero-threshold shower floor system that suits projects of any size and style.

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The Original Level Entry Shower System

Where Elegance Meets Accessibility.


Spa-Inspired Design

Relax and unwind in an luxurious oasis custom designed to your personal aesthetic and needs. Our Level Entry Shower System provides you with the quintessential European, spa-inspired design in baths of any size or style. Customize and personalize further with our line of shower seats and accessories. Learn more...

For Contractors

The VIM Level Entry Shower System provides builders and contractors with a robust, durable system for creating curbless showers in both wood and concrete construction without cutting into joists or structural floor systems. Using only the highest quality materials and rigorously tested installation methods, we have created a product that is not only easy to install, but also that contractors will be proud to install.

For Homeowners

Design you bathroom with your future in mind. Create open concept, modern spaces free of barriers or tripping hazards. Live comfortably in your home for years to come by focusing on accessibility and safety today. With it's flexible design and unmatched durability, you will love your VIM Level Entry Shower for many years to come! Learn More...

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Code Approved Curbless Shower with 10 yr Manufacturer’s Warranty

Traditional shower pans leak, and other curbless shower systems can compromise the structural integrity of your floors. Avoid future headaches and costly renovations by choosing VIM Products. We are so confident in the quality and durability of our Level Entry Shower System that we back up our product with an industry leading 10 Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty.

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Reviews of the Level Entry Shower System

Level entry showers are a great long term investment in your home, allowing you to remain in your home as you age!

The center drain shower design, when done properly, provides better balance in a wet bathing space than a one-way, continuously pitched shower floor. A shower chair will naturally orient itself in the center of the shower if there are four shorter pitched plans sloped to the middle. For my clients and patients, I specify and recommend level entry, center drain showers.

I have done about 10 showers using the VIM system… The VIM system is very user friendly, it’s extremely well designed, and it works perfectly… I would highly recommend the VIM system to anyone.

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The Level Entry Shower System™ and accessories are available at authorized distributors around the United States and through our online shop. We encourage you to support small businesses and purchase through your local distributor when possible. We are working hard to build our distribution network, but while we do, we hope that you shop with us online!

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