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9 Design Secrets for an Accessible Bathroom

9 Design Tips for an Accessible Bathroom - VIM Products Blog - Photo Courtesy of Wardson Construction featuring the Level Entry Shower System

Are you planning and designing an accessible bathroom in your home? These 9 design tips and ideas are easy to incorporate in your new build or remodel.

1 – Curbless Level Entry Shower

It goes without saying that since curbless, accessible showers are our bread and butter we also think they are one of the best decisions you can make when designing an accessible bathroom. Removing the shower curb makes it easier to maneuver mobility aids like wheelchairs and walkers, but it also removes a tripping hazard. Considering that the most dangerous slips and falls happen in the bathroom, it only makes sense to remove as many obstacles as possible in wet spaces.

VIM Products Inc, The Level Entry Shower System | Universal Design & Accessibility | Curbless Shower by Hobart Builders |
Shower by Hobart Builders

2 – Slip-Resistant, Small Tile Floors

While we are on the subject of the shower, removing obstacles is only the first step. You also want to make sure the tile used on the shower floor is slip-resistant. Smaller tiles work better for this because they provide better grip. Smooth, large-format tile can be extremely slick when wet and should not be used in wet spaces like the shower. Consider as well that as you exit the shower your feet will still be wet, so even stepping out onto large format or slick tile can cause slips and falls. Using a small or slip-resistant tile throughout your bathroom is ultimately the safest choice for preventing slips and falls.

3 – Handheld Showers on Slide Bars

Including a handheld shower on a slide bar significantly increases the usability and accessibility of your shower. This slider feature allows for a handheld shower to be set at any height or angle, in addition to being used as a handheld. What makes this great for accessibility is all the options it provides to accommodate the physical needs of the user.

4 – Thermostatic Valves

A thermostatic valve allows you to control both the temperature and volume of your shower independently. Thermostatic valves allow the user to set the temperature and then turn the water volume on and off without changing the temperature. You can even adjust the water volume to conserve water. This is particularly helpful for children, the elderly, or people with disabilities who are more prone to injury by scalding. While your water heater might be set at a higher temp, most thermostatic valves require use of a safety button to heat the shower water past 100 degrees. Pressure Balance valves also protect against scalding, but do not have the independent volume and temperature functionality that a thermostatic has.

5 – Open Concept Bathrooms & Wide Doorways

Not only are open concept interiors a popular trend at the moment, they are also an excellent detail to consider if you are designing an accessible bathroom. If you, someone you love, or a future resident of your home uses a wheelchair, having ample space to maneuver will be important. The size of your doorway, also matters when you are designing an accessible bathroom. To accommodate a wheelchair, doorways need to be a minimum of 32″ wide.

VIM Products Inc Level Entry Shower System Gallery Curbless Universal Design, Photo Courtesy of Home Revision. 919-277-0267
Photo Courtesy of Home Revision

6 – Accessibility Accessories

Grab bars are just the beginning when it comes to accessibility accessories. Shower seats are also helpful, particularly if they are able to fold up against a wall when not in use to increase showering space. But have you considered upgrades such as a toilet seat with a nightlight for easy navigation in the dark? What about tilting mirrors? How about a lazy susan in your bathroom cabinet? These are just a few examples of small upgrades that can make your bathroom more accessible.

VIM Products Inc Level Entry Shower System Gallery Curbless Universal Design, Photo Courtesy of SRE. 919-277-0267
Photo Courtesy of SRE

7 – ADA or “Universal” Height Toilets

ADA approved or “universal” height toilets have a taller bowl and seat than standard toilets, making it easier to sit and stand back up again if you have trouble with mobility. While this is a must have for public bathrooms to accommodate users with limited mobility, many homeowners prefer the taller height as well. With many stylish designs from companies like Kohler & Toto, this is one accessibility accommodation that is easy to make and looks great!

8 – Single Hole Faucets

Single hole (or single handle) faucets can be helpful for people who have limited mobility or trouble with their grasp. These easy to operate faucets have one handle to control hot and cold, and can help prevent scalding. Single hole faucets are available a wide range of styles including those with their handle on the top or side of the faucet.

Photo by Splash Galleries, Faucet by Moen

9 – Lever Door Handles

And much like the single hole faucets mentioned above, Lever Door Handles are easier to operate for people who have difficulty with grasping a knob, and a lever can also be operated using a reach aid.  Pocket doors or barn doors are also a good style to consider as long as they are not too heavy or difficult to move or close behind the person.

Tell us about your Accessible Bathroom

Share in the comments which features you have included in your accessible bathroom. We would love to hear your thoughts and additional ideas! If you are still in the planning stages of your remodel, don’t forget to include the VIM Level Entry Shower System™.

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Ditching the Whirlpool Tub for a Curbless Shower

One of the most popular remodels we see with the Level Entry Shower System is to remove a large whirlpool tub and  increase the footprint of the shower. This homeowner removed a linen closet, tub, and a fiberglass shower alcove, but gained a large level entry shower and a new laundry area.  Many homeowners find that they do not use their garden tubs and whirlpool tubs enough to warrant the space they take or the maintenance and cleaning required. In this case it makes sense to remove the tub and replace it with a large, curbless shower.

Peter S. did the majority of the work on this remodel himself with the guidance of our Installation Video. When he was researching curbless shower systems, the VIM Level Entry Shower System was the only code-approved level entry flooring system he could find.  He appreciated the quality of the materials supplied in the VIM Level Entry Shower 60 x 48 Kit as well as our design and installation resources. Peter and his wife are both extremely happy with their new level entry shower!

This remodel is a good example of how you can transform a traditional shower alcove into an open-concept, curbless shower. We like how they utilized half walls and glass to manage water without needing a curtain or door. The wall niches and shelves are another nice touch to add functionality and organization to the shower.

Are you interested in remodeling your bath to include a level entry shower, but not sure how to design your space? Get in touch and we would be happy to give you some guidance on the layout of your new bathroom!

The tile for this project was installed by Garrett Tile of Crossville, TN.

Products used in this Project

The Strainer Grate seen above is the Grid Design in Brushed Stainless.

Want us to feature your projects created with the VIM Level Entry Shower System? Submit your project today!

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Stylish, Accessible Master Bath Remodel in Greenville, NC

Stylish Accessible Master Bath Remodel in Greenville, NC featuring the VIM Level Entry Shower System -

An accessible master bath that does not sacrifice style!

This accessible master bath was dramatically redesigned to increase safety and accessibility for a family member with a prosthetic leg. The result was both gorgeous and practical.  The Level Entry Shower System was a perfect fit for their needs. The family wanted to reduce slipping and tripping hazards in their shower. Addding grab bars and improving the accessibility of the tub were also key improvements they wanted to make.

They had some spatial constraints as well. They were unable to move the location of the shower, or increase its size by much.  The flexibility of the VIM Level Entry Shower System allowed them to create a true curbless shower in a relatively small alcove space. Their tub was also customized with grab bars and under-mounted in Quartzite. This made it easier to sit comfortably on the edge of the tub allowing for easier entrance and exit from the tub.

The design elements were also very important to the family. Even their daughter got involved in the selection of fixtures, finishes, and colors! Their interior designer, Nancy Bolen of Salem, NC brought their whole vision together seamlessly! Their plumbing fixtures were supplied by Splash Galleries in Raleigh, NC.

What we love about this accessible master bath remodel is that through quality design and carefully selected materials and fixtures, they created a safer bathing space for their family that is also a stylish highlight of their home’s design!

This project features the 60 x 48 VIM Level Entry Shower System Kit & the Folding Shower Seat.

Here are all the talented professionals and products that made this remodel possible:

Contractor:  C. A. Corey Construction LLC   | Designer: Nancy Bolen Interior Designs | Tub & Plumbing Fixtures, & Accesssories: Splash Galleries | Lighting: Slide Bath Vanity Light – LightologySoho dweLed Wall Sconce – Ylighting |Counters: Quartzite from Francini Inc. | Floor Tile – Energie Ker 6″x 24″ in Chalk | Shower Tile – Byrd Tile, Flat Pebble in Figi Cream | Wall Tile – American Olean Tile 4″x 8″ in Matte Designer White

Photos Courtesy of Charlene Peden.

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High Tech Level Entry Shower with a Modern Design

VIM Products Inc - Level Entry Shower System | Featured Shower - High Tech Level Entry Shower with Modern Design featuring the Kohler DTV Prompt. Photo courtesy of Roy Simpson

For our very first Featured Shower, we wanted to share this incredible shower designed and built by a homeowner using the Level Entry Shower System™. All the work with the exception of the glass doors was conducted by the homeowner. The glass doors were supplied and installed by Kenny Berry Shower Doors. We asked the homeowner to share a little about his shower and his experience working with the Level Entry Shower System.

Tell us about your project!

“We replaced a very standard shower pan, Corian wall and sliding door home-builder installation. The project required the removal of all materials including removal of the floor to allow the new VIM floor pan and new tile floor and walls. We also opted for new Kohler electric shower and wand controls to modernize the installation and create added interest.  The demolition and installation work was accomplished by the homeowner with the sole exception of the new glass doors.”

Why did you choose the VIM Level Entry Shower System for your project?

“Much research was conducted in discovering the available shower pans that would allow us to modify our shower to attain a level entry shower with proper sloped drainage. We found 6 sloped floor pans in the marketplace.  Since our home was built on a concrete slab, 3 of the choices were discarded as they where in excess of 1.5″ thick at the edge requiring unacceptable demolition and remaining slab strength to accomplish our goal.  Of the 3 remaining products that had a 7/8″ edge thickness, the VIM Products Level Entry Shower System offered what we felt was the best product with excellent demonstrations of installation for both wood sub-floors and our concrete slab installation. The drain assembly offered by VIM was considered superior to most of the other offerings. Pricing was also competitive. “

Our Favorite Details

The Kohler DTV Prompt Shower Control System is a fantastic feature, adding safety, accessibility and luxury to your showering experience. The digital thermostatic valve accurately control water temperature and includes water-saving features such as a pause button, warm-up mode, and a countdown feature to limit overall water consumption. 

Small details like the placement of the shampoo niche, a corner foot rest, and the fold up shower seat make great use of the space without cutting too far into the overall footprint of the shower. The french style glass shower doors allow easy access if a resident requires wheelchair access.

Finally, we love the placement of their handheld shower wand. By placing this fixture close to the seat, but at mid-height, it is easily reached when sitting or standing. This is a great feature to include if you are trying to improve the accessibility of your shower.

Want us to feature your Level Entry Shower System™ projects? Homeowners, Builders, Designers, or Suppliers are welcome to submit photos and details on the Project Submissions page!

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Our blog is launching soon- Here’s how to be featured!

The VIM Products Blog will be launching soon and we want to share your projects and articles! If you are interested in writing an article or guest post, please send your pitch to

We are looking for projects constructed using the Level Entry Shower System to feature on our website, blog, and social media. If you are interested in sharing your projects please fill out this form. We request that photos are of finished projects, a minimum of 1000 pixels wide, not blurry,  free of personal items or construction debris.  If you need further assistance, please email Please only submit photos that you have the publishing rights for. If a professional photographer shot the images, please provide their contact information below as well.

We will be featuring your Level Entry Showers on our blog, so make sure to tell us any interesting details about the project or any challenges that the Level Entry Shower System helped you to overcome! When we publish your project on the blog, we will link back to your own business, and any other designers or contractors you include in the form. We will also share the projects on our social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Houzz.

We look forward to seeing all of your beautiful work!

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VIM Products Inc Level Entry Shower System Gallery Curbless Universal Design, Photo Courtesy of Peden Family. 919-277-0267
Photo Courtesy of Peden Family, who recently redesigned their master bath using the VIM Level Entry Shower System to accommodate a family member with a disability.