Best product on the market.

Bill Brugh 

Integrity Maintenance & More 


This was a DIY project for our master bath and I wanted a proven technology for this installation. I watched some youtube videos and I saw how easy it was. I think the pre-sloped floor is a terrific concept. I had no problem with the cutting or placement of the base. Really, a great product!

Charles Myers

Myers Construction, Oak Island, NC 


These kits are amazing. Easy to install and work with. They are a little more time consuming but they make for a better waterproof seal. I like the [VIM] system better than the traditional shower pan.

Tracy Sweat

Contractor from AL


My first experience with the VIM System was my own shower and I wanted it to be perfect. I watched the installation video several times and my installation went off without a hitch. The amazing results have convinced me I’ve made a very good decision with the VIM System. I can’t thank you enough for such an amazing product!

Bruce Crozier

Contractor from NY


The center drain shower design provides better balance in a wet bathing space than a one-way, continuously pitched shower floor. A shower chair will naturally orient itself in the center of the shower if there are four shorter pitched plains sloped to the middle. For my clients and patients, I specify and recommend level entry, center drain showers.

Cindi Petito 

OTR/L, ATP,CAPS, Founder, CHAS Group 


This was our first install project we’ve ever done, but it went great! The VIM system was easy to install…The waterproofing layers & mesh were easy to apply… We loved the final result!

Kristi W. 

Homeowner from GA 


After reading the supplied literature and watching Gary & Steve on YouTube twice I was able to install the VIM System without a hitch. VIM supplied much more of all the products than required…this made the installation seamless. The system was retrofitted upstairs in a forty-five year old house, worked perfectly, no leaks and a true no lip floor for a European style wet room. Thanks again for putting this together!

John Roberts

Contractor from TX.


The L.E.S. Kit is the only shower pan that offers: full versatility…simple/straight forward installation…a true barrier free shower solution (without cutting/notching joists, or building up the entire floor), and a “ship to your door” price that is unmatched for the typical local contractor.

Scott Jones

MS, OTR/L, SCEM, ATP, CBR, Jones Solutions


[VIM Products] provides outstanding customer support with design and instructions.

Peter S. 

Homeowner from TN 


Level entry showers are a great long term investment in your home, allowing you to remain in your home as you age!

Jean Ehmke 

Owner, JeanE Kitchen & Bath Design 


We love the way [the VIM System] turned out and it was fun working on it.

Goran S. 

Homeowner from CA 


I have done about 10 showers using the VIM system… The VIM system is very user friendly, it’s extremely well designed, and it works perfectly… I would highly recommend the VIM system to anyone.

John Parent

Owner, Creative Remodeling, Hudson, MA 

5060 Trademark Dr.

Raleigh, NC 27610


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