The Advantages of Curbless Showers Over Traditional Showers

In this post, we’ll discuss some of the fundamental advantages that curbless showers have over traditional curbed showers. Whether you’re remodeling an existing bath, adding on, or building a new home, you’ve most likely heard the term “curbless shower.” Curbless showers have been around for many years, but they’ve only recently become popular in the residential marketplace. Before we begin, it’s important to understand the reason tiled showers have curbs in the first place.

Shower Curbs

It’s a common misconception that a shower curb is required in order to contain water within a shower. This simply isn’t the case. The main function of the shower curb is to inconspicuously hide the depth of the sloped “mud-bed” below the tile. This 2.½” to 3.½” mud-bed is a mixture of sand and portland that is packed into place to create the pitch of the shower floor. We encourage you to pay close attention the next time you step into your shower and you’ll see that you’re actually stepping up when you enter your shower. Now that we understand the real purpose of a shower curb, let’s explore the advantages curbless showers have over traditional curbed showers.

Universal or ‘Age-in-Place’ Design

The existence of a shower curb may be relatively easy for most people to step over, but for older adults and those with a physical impairment, it can pose a serious safety hazard! It’s known that most falls occur in the bathroom, and the overwhelming majority of those falls occur in the shower/bathing area. Installing a VIM Level Entry Shower System eliminates the shower curb, resulting in a much safer bathing environment for all.


The open layout of curbless showers make them more comfortable and inviting than traditional showers. Their beauty and timeless design are the reason they’re featured in so many of the world’s most famous Spa locations.


Shower curbs can significantly limit your bathroom design options. When you remove the shower curb, your design options are practically limitless. This is especially true with the VIM Level Entry Shower System. The VIM System can easily be field-cut or extended using a quick-drying floor patch to conform to just about any size or shape shower imaginable.

Wise Investment

Let’s face it, none of us are getting any younger. Baby boomers are now the fastest growing age group in the United States. Currently, 14.5% of the nation’s population is age 65 or older, and according to the US Census Bureau, those age 65 and older will comprise 20% of the entire US population by 2030. By incorporating a curbless shower system in your home, you’re taking a significant step towards a safe and accident-free future for you and your loved ones.

Easy Maintenance

Cleaning shower curbs and shower doors is a task that no one is fond of and we’re confident that there are a lot of things you’d rather be spending your time doing. Curbless showers offer a simple solution: remove the curb, and you’ve removed the daunting chore of keeping them clean.

These are just a sampling of the many advantages curbless type showers offer over traditional curbed showers. Are you considering incorporating a curbless shower in your home? The VIM Level Entry Shower System is the best product available. Code approved, easy to install, fully customizable, and backed by a 10 year limited warranty. Visit our shop or call (919) 277-0267 to order your system today.

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