Installing the VIM Zero
Entry Shower System

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The pre-sloped VIM Shower Pan is constructed from recycled ABS plastic, so it’s resistant to expansion and contraction. Our 60″ x 48″ pan is fully customizable and can be field-cut to fit smaller showers, or it can be extended using quick-drying patch compound to fit larger showers.

Our Standard Level Entry Shower System comes with a 59.5” x 47.5” pre-pitched shower tray. This tray is designed so that it may be cut down much like a piece of plywood, with a skill saw and plywood cutting blade, to any smaller size. The tray will maintain its ¼” per foot pitch regardless of the direction or dimension of the cut.

If the shower is larger than the VIM tray, quick-drying patch compound (sold separately) can be used to efficiently, quickly, and inexpensively extend the pitch of the tray in any direction.

Patch compounds are high performance mortars that cure quickly and can be applied from 1.5” thickness down to a feather edge without shrinking or crumbling in high traffic areas. Waterproofing is then applied over both the patch area and the shower tray. With the use of the patch compound, virtually any size or shape Level Entry Shower can be accomplished.

Our system accommodates a center drain rather than linear drain location.

Most showers incorporating linear drains require that the entire wet floor area be tilted in one direction, toward the drain. This one-way pitch makes it difficult to achieve a true level entry at the threshold, especially if the drain is to the left or right-hand side of the shower area.

In the case of linear drains, if the drain is placed at the front threshold, the drain is being counted upon to catch all of the shower water; otherwise, there will be water flowing into the bathroom. If the linear drain is placed on the back wall of the shower, the contractor, in most cases, will be required to cut or notch the structural floor supports and/or elevate the entire bathroom floor.

There are also stability and safety issues to be considered with a one-way pitched shower floor. We strongly feel that an even pitch to a center drain is better structurally and for safety reasons.

The liquid waterproofing supplied with our shower system is applied in conjunction with our isolation fabric to create a high-quality, anti-fracture membrane that will give years of trouble free showering.

The VIM Level Entry Shower System™ comes with two gallons of liquid waterproofing, which provides roughly 100 square feet of coverage. Additional waterproofing may be purchased for larger showers or to extend the water-proofing to larger areas of the bathroom.

We recommend that the waterproofing be extended 18”- 24” beyond the pitched threshold into the flat bathroom floor area. The liquid waterproofing is an ASTM primary-rated waterproofing material. It is a liquid butyl rubber with no VOC’s or off-gassing. It is easy to apply, not time-sensitive, and easily repairable if damaged during installation.

When ordering your kit you can choose between Laticrete or Mapei liquid waterproofing (two of the largest manufacturers of tile setting materials). We’ve worked with both of these manufacturers to assure that our installation methodology complies with their installation instructions. Their warranties reinforce the VIM warranty for waterproofing.

In addition, anti-fracture, crack-suppression fabric (two sizes) is included with our Shower System Kit. This fabric is embedded inside the liquid waterproofing as the liquid waterproofing is applied. The result is an extremely reliable, durable, seamless envelope of waterproofing for the entire shower alcove. The anti-fracture membrane can respond to thermal shock without compromising the tile or water-proofing protection.

Our drain system is engineered with a series of weep holes to allow any water that penetrates the shower floor tile to quickly drain back into the waste system. This small but effective feature greatly diminishes the opportunity for mold and mildew to form under your tile.

Over time, water can penetrate tile and grout as the structure settles and materials expand and contract seasonally. Traditional shower construction places the waterproofing liner beneath the “mud bed”. Typically, the shower drain is provided by the plumber. The pitching of the shower is then done manually by the tile contractor. One or the other of these contractors will provide the waterproofing, but the two trades are rarely integrated. Water, seeking the lowest point, ultimately gets into the mud-bed which then remains wet, resulting in the growth of mold (invisible) and mildew (visible).

The VIM Level Entry Shower System, on the other hand, was developed from the collaboration of the plumbing and tile trades, so the result is a fully integrated system. The seamless, anti-fracture waterproofing is placed on top of the engineered, pre-pitched VIM tray, and no mud bed is required. Tile is then applied with thinset directly to the pre-pitched membrane which is connected to the VIM drain assembly in such a way that moisture cannot be trapped, and this helps to prevent mold and mildew from developing in your shower.

To yield the best results, we recommend using epoxy grout when tiling over the VIM Shower System.

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Wood Floor Installation

Whether you’re remodeling or building new, a typical shower installation on a wood floor only requires the shower floor area to be recessed ¾”. The final drain connection seal is made from the top side so there’s no need to open the ceiling below the shower area.

Concrete Floor Installation

On an existing concrete flooor, a typical 5’x4’ shower installation on an existing concrete floor will only require a cut depth of approx. 1.1/4”. On a new concrete floor, a 5’x4′ installation will only require a stamp-out depth of approx. 1″ in the shower area. In both cases, the final neoprene drain connection seal is made from the top side.

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This was our first install project we’ve ever done, but it went great! The VIM system was easy to install…The waterproofing layers & mesh were easy to apply… We loved the final result!

Kristi W.
Homeowner from GA