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Style & Safety – Universal Design in the Shower

Universal design is important as many more homeowners choose to remain in their homes as they age. Whether you specialize in new construction, remodels, or commercial properties, it is crucial to take this trend into account in order to better serve your clients and future homeowners.

The Level Entry Shower System gives you the freedom to design curbless showers and wet rooms to suit you and your client’s aesthetic and functional needs. Customize and enhance their showering experience with benches, shower niches, and our beautiful line of accessories that also double as stability aids.

The Level Entry Shower System improves the safety of bathing spaces by removing obstacles (the shower curb) as well as creating an even pitch to a center drain. With two pan sizes, and the ability to resize the pan in the field, our system can be used to create unique shower layouts such as double-entry showers, neo-angle, former tub alcoves, or full wet rooms. The system can be used in bathrooms large and small, our 14″ pan can be used to create a curbless shower in just about any size bathroom.

While developing our system, we spent considerable time consulting with occupational therapists, physical therapists, rehab specialists, and care providers to the disabled. We learned that safety is enhanced when tiled bathing spaces are designed with equal pitch to a center drain.

“The center drain shower design, when done properly, provides better balance in a wet bathing space than a one-way, continuously pitched shower floor. A shower chair will naturally orient itself in the center of the shower if there are four shorter pitched plans sloped to the middle. For my clients and patients, I specify and recommend level entry, center drain showers.”
Cindi Petito – OTR/L, ATP,CAPS, Seating Solutions, Inc.

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